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What is DocuWare?

DocuWare is a document management software aimed at small and medium-sized companies for integrated document automation and audit compliant electronic archiving. Documents in paper form or in various electronic formats such as Office, CAD, e-mail, Spool and other files are automatically processed by DocuWare. Index your documents directly via your copier and save yourself tedious post-processing at your PC. The information is directly available to your company via a web client. Discover information on-demand and sustainably accelerate your business processes. The numerous extensions and combination possibilities of the solution will support the individual departments within your company.

Key Features

  • DocuWare solutions enable automation of document workflows, whilst protecting data and documents with secure, and centralised archiving.
  • Task lists, email notifications, and reminders keep processes moving forward.
  • One search quickly finds all related documents regardless of the original source: if PC generated, from an email, a Microsoft Office document or from a scanned paper document
  • Tracked and logged access allows everyone to stay up to date.
  • Easily maintained records to monitor and report on retention schedules.
  • Available on location or in the cloud

Recognition: Both barcodes and text are read from scanned documents via OCR and taken over into the indexing of the documents. The index terms are entered in predefined database fields and the documents are thus automatically keyworded.

Active Import: Monitor your folders in the file or e-mail system and import files stored there into DocuWare baskets and archives. Documents are automatically indexed and classified. Archive your e-mails, i.e. from Outlook, Exchange or other MAP mail systems.

Internet Server: Worldwide access to archived documents via your web browser – the user functions for access to documents are structured as Thin Client and run on any browser and operating system.

DocuWare Benefits

  • Easy to use.
  • DocuWare’s workflow automation speeds up business processes and creates efficiencies.
  • Access is secure and tracked to create transparency among users.
  • Digitising paper documents reduces paper waste and costs.
  • A powerful search platform allows for fast and easy access to any information as and when it is needed.