Managed Print Service FAQs

Do you own a business and have questions about managed print services? We’ve tackled the most frequently asked questions regarding managed print services below:

What is a managed print service?

Managed print services is the management and optimization of your fleet of printers, copiers and other document devices, to improve document handling and printing processes while cutting costs.

Why use a managed print service?

Utilising a managed print service for your business allows you to improve efficiency, productivity and security as print device usage is monitored and can be capped, while all consumable purchases are automatic as and when they are required for document needs.

Is a managed print service only for bigger businesses?

No small businesses can benefit from MPS just as much as bigger businesses, as all businesses require the printing and scanning of documents.

How much could I save my business with a managed print service?

Businesses that make the switch to a managed print service can usually reduce their print costs by up to 30% on print-related costs.

How can Managed Print Services help me cut costs?

A managed print service offers your business an all-inclusive service which includes repair, maintenance and supplies at a monthly cost. This alleviates the need for an IT department to maintain printers and stops you from having to purchase and stock toner and print cartridges.

How can a Managed Print Service reduce dependence on an IT department?

If your company has an IT department no doubt all print devices fall under their remit, with an MPS we take care of all maintenance and supplies for print equipment. Allowing your IT department to be free to take care of their day-to-day activities.

Will a Managed Print service reduce my inventory carrying costs?

If like most companies you have a stock room full of toner or spare cartridges, having an MPS in place will remove the need for the carrying of stock. We at Rawson Digital only deliver toner when it’s required, meaning you will never pay for anything that won’t be used.

Is replacing a print device as cost-effective as repairing it?

Even a new print device can experience a paper jam, this is not caused by the age of the machine but by the amount of paper which goes through the device. This type of failure would not be covered by the product’s warranty as it’s classed as wear and tear. If you had a managed print service from a company like Rawson Digital we would be able to repair your device and get you back to running efficiently.

What happens if I need support during my managed print support contract?

As part of your contract for managed print services, you have access to full support for all issues you may experience. We can diagnose and fix faults via our help desk support service, or send an engineer for an on-site visit to address your issue.

How do I begin a managed print service contract?

If you’re looking to move to a managed print service for your company first we will need to analyse your current printing needs and requirements. Once we have a better grasp of your needs we can implement a more efficient printing process for your company. To find out more contact our expert team for more information.