Chester Cathedral

“One of the big attractions for working with Vaughn and his team is that they are local and we felt sure we could rely on the firm to step in and help us quickly if we needed them. “In all our dealings with Vaughn, he has been extremely polite, professional, friendly and approachable and we took great confidence from being able to deal directly with him as the managing director of the company. “We have times during the year where we need to print a lot of material and orders of services can easily be in to the tens of thousands.” “We have a small team here at the cathedral which deals with all this so any delay such as ink running out and not being delivered or a machine needing to be fixed can cause us a lot of problems, especially if it is at one of our busiest times.” “We felt with Rawson Digital that we had someone in Vaughn that we could turn to when we needed help and that help would be swift and reactive.” “It’s also a positive thing for us to be working with a local firm which employs local people and as such an important centre for both Chester and the surrounding communities, it sits well with us to be supporting a local firm in this way too.”

Jane Brooke, Canon Chancellor