Docuwear is document management software and workflow automation that has been aimed at helping small to medium-sized companies digitise their documents for convenience and security, allowing access to vital documents from anywhere, on any device at any time.

  • Automated invoice processing
  • Secure document archiving
  • Access important documents from anywhere
  • User-friendly interface
Full product description

Fed up of paper files and messy file sharing? Implementing Docuwear at your company will help you regain control over your documents and your team process while saving your company time and money in the process. Docuwear can handle documents in various formats paper, office, CAD, e-mail, Spool and other files easily converting to electronic versions. Not only does Docuwear provide world-class document management, but you can also program automation into the system to replace time-consuming manual tasks with simple digital workflows. Being a cloud based platform allows any team members not working from the office to retrieve documents from one repository to share, edit or annotate.