PaperCut – The Smarter way to print

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PaperCut makes it easy to manage your devices without the complexity.

  • Reduce print costs – Allocate printing to departments, cost-centers and users with shared accounts.
  • Report on usage – By user, department, device or environmental impact.
  • Any platform, any device – Runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, Novell and mixed-fleet environments.

Full specification and brochure download here.

  • Eliminate waste, encourage responsible behavior and make users
    and departments accountable for their usage.
  • PaperCut MF includes embedded software that runs on your copier/MFD to enable tracking, control and secure print release directly from the device’s panel.

Nuance® AutoStore®

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Turn information into better business decisions. The more information you have, the more likely you are to make the right decision — so make sure you have what you need, where and when you need it. With Nuance® AutoStore®, you can create customized workflows to simplify how you capture, process and share critical information with customers and coworkers.

Full Specification and brochure download here.


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GlobalScan NX makes it easier and more efficient than ever to integrate paper documents into a digital workflow, with simple ‘select and go’ buttons to scan directly to the desired location. Document processes are improved with next-generation scanning; productivity is raised by distributing, sharing and managing documents digitally; the ability to scan to editable file formats directly from MFP and to add security to pdfs provides still more flexibility and reassurance.

Full Specification and brochure download here.

  • Simple, user-friendly interface
  • Accurate scanning directly into your document environment
  • Scan to editable file formats
  • Easy to customise and configure with ready-to-use tools
  • Add security to pdfs as you scan at the MFP
  • Versatile and flexible – GlobalScan NX can accommodate all business environments, from smaller companies to major organisations

Ecopy ShareScan

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Transform paper documents into streamlined, actionable information and merge it with business-critical workflows
eCopy ShareScan v5 extends its lead with an exceptionally simple, yet capability-rich user experience that engages and empowers all areas of your organization in your efforts to increase office productivity and shrink your environmental footprint by automating paper-intensive processes securely using your Ricoh MFP.

Full Specification and brochure download here.

Streamline NX

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Streamline NX is an integrated “all-in-one” solution designed to improve the experience for users while lowering the burden on IT. Users see one unified interface at the MFP to scan documents and use secure printing. Administrators can configure Streamline NX, manage users and devices, and access reports all within a single application. Ideal for organizations seeking an “all-in-one” integrated application to improve document processes.

Full Specification and brochure download here.

Solution Includes:

  • Document Scanning & Routing with OCR
  • Fax Integration
  • Secure Printing
  • Card Authentication
  • Device Management
  • Accounting & Charge-back
  • Administration
  • ReportingHigher authentication level with support for PKIAuthentication with a secondary PIN /pass-code for enhanced security environments

Device Manager NX Pro

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Using the powerful administration tools included in Device Manager NX Pro, IT staff can centrally manage a large enterprise fleet, including third party and USB-connected devices in addition to Ricoh models.

A simple user-interface makes it easy to control the performance, functionality and access features of individual and groups of devices. Configuration settings can be quickly cloned across the fleet, ensuring consistency and freeing up administrative resources.

Automated reporting and billing tools provide detailed insights into device usage and performance, enabling accurate charging within the organisation and a better understanding of how equipment is being used. Monitoring of device power consumption supports a more sustainable approach to device management.

Full Specification and brochure download here.

  • Centrally manage up to 5000 document output devices, including Ricoh, third party and USB-connected models
  • Maintain consistent output and access polices across the entire fleet, including multi-site deployments
  • Streamline monitoring and maintenance with simple, powerful management tools
  • Accurately track the usage of resources around the organisation, and ensure up-to-date reporting and billing
  • Support sustainability goals with detailed insights into device use and power consumption

RICOH @Remote for Printing Devices

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RICOH @Remote is a new kind of support service, which achieves greater operating efficiency for output devices. RICOH @Remote (At Remote) is a new kind of Internet-based support for remote management of digital multi-purpose devices and laser printers.

With the advent of this kind of service, the status of devices on the network can be monitored in real time, required services can be delivered rapidly, and breakdowns prevented and downtime shortened.

In the event of a breakdown, the awkward processes of checking the situation and notifying a center can be eliminated, together with their burden on the customer. The automatic meter reading and toner ordering functions also raise the efficiency of day-to-day device management.

Full Specification and brochure download here.

In addition, the detailed device information in all applicable devices enables more efficient management of the fleet.  This service, one step ahead of the competition, began in Japan at the end of last year. A partial service began in the USA from April 2005, and will roll out to Europe, Asia and elsewhere in due course.

What is RICOH @Remote?

RICOH @Remote is a new remote service for networked output devices connected in a LAN/Broadband environment, letting customers use them with greater convenience and peace of mind.

Equitrac Express

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Many organisations such as universities, schools and libraries are under pressure to provide ready access to information and printing to both registered staff and anonymous users. At the same time, there is a strong need to allocate and recover output costs.

Equitrac Express™ provides the exact tools you need to efficiently monitor, manage and recover document output costs. It creates a secure environment within which only the allocated users can release their documents, using flexible payment method.

Full Specification and brochure download here.

Equitrac Express™ is a simple to use solution for public access environments to:

  • Allocate output costs to individuals, departments or billing codes
  • Provide convenient card, cash or account based payment
  • Set and enforce student print quotas
  • Learn exactly how printers and copiers are being used
  • Increase service levels and reduce help desk calls

Equitrac Office

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In today’s competitive business environment, it is more important than ever that your organisation manages document output on your office equipment devices. When left unmanaged, operational costs can significantly increase due to the proliferation of networked devices and spiralling output costs.

In cooperation with leading software provider Equitrac, Ricoh offers Equitrac Office™. Designed to monitor, measure and manage network wide document output, this easy to use modular solution tracks copy and print activities in a detailed manner. You can easily and accurately allocate costs to specific individuals, departments or groups.

Full Specification and brochure download here.

Equitrac Office™: simply the ideal tool to better understand office equipment usage and manage document output costs.

  • Direct output to the most efficient device
  • Accurately allocate output costs
  • Eliminate unauthorised printing and copying
  • Protect document confidentiality
  • Enforce quotas on colour output
  • Obtain insight into usage patterns
  • Increase device efficiency for the best return on investment
  • Reduce IT support requirements

Equitrac Professional

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Realise Your Full Cost Recovery Potential

Equitrac Professional — the newest, most advanced version yet of Equitrac’s industry leading cost-recovery solution — includes the systems and services it takes to speed your discovery and recovery of billable expenses.

Easy, accurate and automatic cost recovery. With Equitrac Professional, complete and accurate charging of expenses to clients and projects becomes virtually automatic.

Full Specification and brochure download here.

Active integration with billing and accounting systems speeds and simplifies recovery of client charges. Increased security, confidentiality and compliance. Equitrac Follow-You™ printing with Secure Document Release helps protect client confidentiality and satisfy regulatory privacy requirements. Instead of sitting exposed and unclaimed in remote output trays documents are routed through a secure server and only released when users authenticate themselves at the printer.

Equitrac Professional centralizes equipment administration and control, improving service levels, minimizing IT resource requirements and reducing demand on help desks.


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Where cost control meets flexibility. The formula for finance and IT managers to reduce costs and simplify document workflow is simple: consolidate, standardize and control your printing operations. And yet your employees need to print safely anytime, anywhere and at any printer. With comprehensive print management tools that deliver smart, secure printing deployments, SafeCom makes it happen.
Our print management software is designed to address your most pressing needs: Cost savings, security, reporting and waste reduction. And when you need to tackle the specific demands of your business, SafeCom has you covered with an advanced set of modules. Add the tools for secure print management you want – and only pay for what you need.

Card Authentication Package

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Document security is critical to protecting sensitive business information, and essential to maintaining a competitive edge, regulatory compliance and productivity. Our Card Authentication Package (CAP) leverages leading card reading technology to control users’ access to standard Ricoh MFP print, scan, copy and fax functions.

By controlling access to Ricoh MFP functions, CAP prevents sensitive documents from being viewed, copied or sent by unauthorised users. The use of card authentication also eliminates the need for passwords and PIN entry that could be disclosed. Secure access and distribution. In addition to improving overall security, our Card Authentication Package improves efficiency by enabling job logging and the tracking of confidential documents.

Ease-of-use – Ricoh’s Card Authentication Package (CAP) can integrate seamlessly with your existing ID card security system. The simple ‘swipe-and-go’ authentication is fast and secure, eliminating the need for users to remember additional login names and passwords.

  • Control Costs – Costs can be controlled by limiting access to Copy, Print, Fax Scan and Document Server functions using the ID Cards. Ricoh MFP usage by volume and colour can also be monitored to enable informed decisions to reduce document output costs.
  • Scaleable – Ricoh’s Card Authentication Package is available as an embedded solution suitable for up to 500 users and an enterprise-level Server version for larger companies, so everyone can now afford to strengthen their document security.
  • The Card Authentication Package CAP can be used with GlobalScan NX to provide more security when scanning.

Enhanced Locked Print NX

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Enhanced Locked Print NX (ELP NX) brings advanced flexibility and convenience to document security, with benefits that boost efficiency, cost reduction and compliance. Access to sensitive documents can be strictly controlled, with confidential documents held safely away from unauthorised viewing until released for print by their owner.  ELP NX can reduce costs and provide environmental benefits by aiding productive behaviours such as noticing and correcting errors before printing and releasing the documents.

ELP NX can also allow printing to be picked up from a choice of as many as four MFPs.

The FlexRelease Server option gives even more adaptability, in enabling prints to be picked up from any Ricoh device in the company network.
User Flexibility and convenience. ELP NX makes it possible for authorised users to collect a job stored on another networked Ricoh MFP. User flexibility and convenience is further increased with the FlexRelease Server option, which allows users to pick up prints from any Ricoh device on the network.

Full Specification and brochure download here.

  • Document Security – Providing enhanced print security, access to documents is controlled with Enhanced Locked Print NX.
  • Cost Reduction – Enhanced Locked Print NX encourages more productive behaviours, like helping users to notice and correct errors before printing and releasing documents.
  • Improved Security Levels – Enhanced Locked Print NX (ELP NX) provides a convenient and secure method for controlling access to the printing of sensitive documents. ELP NX holds documents on the chosen Ricoh MFP until they are safely released at the device, this prevents confidential documents from being unattended, viewed or picked up by anyone other than the print job owner.

Flex Secure Print Suite

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This powerful solution combines complementary software packages that work together to offer businesses all the efficiency and cost benefits of shared Ricoh Multifunctional Products (MFPs), whilst providing the flexibility and security associated with desktop printers. Monitor and control device usage and maximise the security of your business information, wherever it is accessed, with our user-friendly Flex Secure Print Suite.

Ricoh’s Flex Secure Print Suite is a scalable solution, to help easily manage and monitor small to medium, as well as larger cost-conscious businesses with over 1,000 users.

Full Specification and brochure download here.

  • FlexRelease Server: Boost productivitity with ‘Flex Print Release’ – users can release their documents anywhere on the network.
  • Card Authentication Package:  Fast, secure ‘swipe-and-go’ ID card authentication simplifies user access and management, and protects documents.
  • Enhanced Locked Print NX: Enhance security by holding documents safely on Ricoh MFPs or the server until unlocked by authorised users.
  • SmartDeviceMonitor for Admin Accounting Report Package: Monitor, track and report user and device usage to analyse and control costs.

Document Manager NX

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Document Manager NX helps you to liberate paper-based information. It enables you to freely convert paper and image-based electronic documents into your choice of editable file formats.

Now everyone can seamlessly merge scanned paper documents and over 150 electronic file formats on their desktop – with drag and drop simplicity, allowing individuals to manipulate and assemble new document types for sharing and archiving.

Full Specification and brochure download here.

  • Save time with advanced scanning including OCR, error checking and forms recognition
  • Document annotation such as sticky notes and highlighting
  • Create text searchable PDFs for digital archiving
  • Increase security and compliance by assembling documents into PDF-As and password protected PDFs, plus Bates Stamping, page numbering and redaction to permanently remove sensitive information


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DocuWare is a software aimed at small and medium-sized companies for integrated document management and audit compliant electronic archiving. Documents in paper form or in various electronic formats such as Office, CAD, e-mail, Spool and other files are automatically processed. Index your documents directly via the multifunctional Ricoh printer and save yourself tedious post-processing at your PC. The information is directly available to your company via WebClient. Discover information on-demand and sustainably accelerate your business processes. The numerous extensions and combination possibilities of the solution will support the individual specialised departments within your company.

Content Folder:
Management of document-based processes in the company through collection and distribution of archived documents in virtual workbooks. Task lists can be defined and allocated to members of staff, time limits can easily and safely be monitored.

Ensures the complete integration of archived documents in existing programmes. In Windows applications, LINK displays affiliated, archived documents at the push of a button or transfers search terms to DocuWare – and all of this without any programming requirements.

  • Recognition: Both barcodes and text are read from scanned documents via OCR and taken over into the indexing of the documents. The index terms are entered in predefined database fields and the documents are thus automatically keyworded.
  • Active Import: Monitor your folders in the file or e-mail system and import files stored there into DocuWare baskets and archives. Documents are automatically indexed and classified. Archive your e-mails, i.e. from Outlook, Exchange or other MAP mail systems.
  • Internet Server: Worldwide access to archived documents via Web browser – the user functions for access to documents are structured as Thin Client and run on any browser and operating system.


  • Free choice of format
  • Easiest installation, administration and operation
  • Audit compliant document authenticity
  • Parallel access in a matter of seconds
  • Direct access to all information via Web browser
  • Archive management


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Manage multiple document customisation and distribution processes with one click. Businesses often create many different versions of the same document, to be shared with diverse audiences. However adding different logos, terms & conditions, and other variable details before distribution, can turn simple jobs into major tasks. Print&Share is a cost effective solution that automates customisations and uses the full potential of your printer, while simplifying document distribution via email, print, fax or digital formats – with a single click. Print&Share is a cost effective solution that automates customisations and uses the full potential of your printer, while simplifying document distribution via email, print, fax or digital formats – with a single click.

Full Specification and brochure download here.

  • Save time by eliminating repetitive customisation and distribution tasks
  • Eliminate mailing costs by converting print jobs to PDFs and sending them as email attachments
  • Perform multiple actions with one click, including document customisation, conversion, output, distribution and archiving.
  • Easy distribution of documents to multiple output destinations: print, email, fax and electronic storage (as PDF and XML)
  • Print&Share is available in 3 versions (Lite, Professional  and Corporate) to match your different business needs

eCopy PDF Pro Office

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The Smarter PDF Desktop Software Companion to Multifunction Printers

eCopy PDF Pro Office, the latest enterprise-ready PDF solution from Nuance, is the smarter PDF desktop software companion to MFPs. It’s a powerful, easy-to-use PDF solution that lets you create, convert, and collaborate like never before for dramatic productivity gains and cost savings. What’s more, eCopy PDF Pro Office is available at one-third the price of products with comparable capabilities, so you get exceptional value without compromise

There are many competitively-priced software companion products to MFPs that can create PDF. There are some that can create imposition files for production print jobs. And a few can even automatically redact scanned documents. But only eCopy PDF Pro Office from Nuance enables professionals to perform all these tasks — and more — using a single, lightweight software package.

Full Specification and brochure download here.

  • Create 100% industry-standard, universally viewable PDF files from any PC application. Or convert to PDF from within Microsoft® Office documents or create PDF files of any document with a single click while browsing with Windows®.
  • Plus, eCopy PDF Pro Office is the only PDF desktop software solution that’s integrated with eCopy ShareScan® — the leading MFP scanning and OCR solution — to deliver the most streamlined experience when scanning from a networked MFP to your desktop.

HotSpot MFP

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HotSpot MFP seamlessly integrates with many Ricoh Multifunctional Products1, offering mobile users a convenient “cloud” printing solution – one without boundaries. There’s no need for device-specific drivers, special software or network access. Print from any tablet, smartphone or computer, to your existing Ricoh Multifunctional Printer with HotSpot MFP option. Print jobs can be sent to the device in via e-mail, web upload or mobile app. Print from any Windows application, as well, using PrinterOn’s special PrintWhere Driver. To maintain confidentiality, the document only prints after you enter your unique release code (received via e-mail) on the MFP’s control panel.

Full Specification and brochure download here.

Just like that – from Mobile Device to Printer.

  • Cloud print solution with no boundaries.
    As mobile devices become more important business tools, school districts integrate the tablet as part of their educational curriculum, and BYOD becomes a critical initiative for IT managers today, the added need for printing evolves.
  • Response is Ricoh HotSpot MFP.
  • HotSpot MFP seamlessly integrates into many Ricoh Multifunction Products.
  • No need for a device-specific driver, special software or network access.
  • Print safely, simply and conveniently.

HotSpot Enterprise

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Print anywhere with convenience and confidence

With RICOH HotSpot Enterprise, you can print to virtually any designated network device from any network in any location — directly from your smartphone, tablet or notebook without adding print drivers. Scale the solution to meet the mobile print demands of your bring-your-own-device (BYOD) workforce without compromising speed or convenienceYou use your mobile device to capture information whenever you want, wherever you are. With RICOH® HotSpot Enterprise powered by PrinterOn®, you can print from it just as easily. Give employees, mobile workers and guests across the enterprise immediate access to printers without having to connect to your corporate network.

Full Specification and brochure download here.

Submit jobs via email, web, mobile app, native iOS or PrinterOn PrintWhere™ driver to the nearest network printer or MFP. Because it’s an on-premise mobile printing solution, you can help protect information behind your network firewall. Plus, it integrates seamlessly with most authentication software and mobile device management (MDM) providers to simplify the way you print — so you can share information and be more productive in more places.

FlexRelease CX

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FlexRelease CX is a hosted cloud print service that allows users to submit documents to be printed on demand at any FlexRelease CX-enabled device. For those companies who have a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) initiative, users can upload and print documents, emails and other files from their PC, tablet, or smart phone.

Full Specification and brochure download here.

  • Easy to use solution for storing and releasing print documents from mobile devices and PC’s. Users can submit documents from their mobile devices or PC’s to be printed on demand.
  • FlexRelease CX authenticated release station at the MFP or printer provides users with the freedom to pick up print jobs at the device of their choice – the print job follows the user.

Ricoh Scan CX

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RICOH Scan CX provides an easy, flexible and secure way for workers to send, store and access scanned documents using Ricoh’s cloud platform.

Users can send scanned documents directly to the cloud from a Ricoh MFP. Mobile workers can then use Ricoh’s cloud platform to access these documents on the go, from a wide range of compatible mobile, tablet and PC devices. All document data is automatically protected using 256-bit encryption, ensuring the confidentiality of information.

Using Ricoh’s platform as a secure single sign-on (SSO) access point, users can take advantage of integration with third party cloud-based storage, collaborative platforms and document management and workflow solutions, enabling more flexible and efficient ways of working.

A single device license allows unlimited uploads to RICOH Scan CX from one MFP and unlimited downloads to user devices, providing a cost-effective way to widen access to documents.

  • Support flexible and efficient mobile information access
  • Simplify the process of uploading scanned documents to online storage
  • Enable mobile workers to access documents from any location and from a wide range of compatible devices
  • Provide a single, secure point of access to third party online document storage, management and collaboration solutions
  • Ensure the security of document information with automatic 256-bit data encryption

RICOH Smart Device Print&Scan

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The use of smart devices is expanding in a wide range of business environments. In order to effectively leverage the convenience and versatility of smart-devices in the utilization of documents and images, users are looking for flexible and secure collaboration between smart devices and multifunction products and printers. RICOH Smart Device Print&Scan is a smart device app able to perform printing and scanning by easily and securely connecting smart devices and multifunction products and printers.

It is also able to print data residing in cloud storage and upload scanned data to cloud storage. Supporting work styles not bound by the constraints of location, RICOH Smart Device Print&Scan will make your business even smarter.

RICOH Smart Device Connector

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Widely utilized in a diverse range of business environments, conveniently carried smart devices are greatly changing business styles. Connections between smart devices and multifunction products are today becoming totally taken for granted.To connect to and use multifunction products, however, it can still be necessary to carry out troublesome procedures (advance registration of the multifunction product, etc.) and the range of compatible products is limited. A smart device app with a wide range of uses in today’s diverse business environments, RICOH Smart Device Connector lets you connect smart devices, multifunction products and projectors with a simpler and easier-to-use method.

Connecting with just a touch*, you can also directly use the smart device’s address book. With the flexibility for utilization not only in the office but also in public spaces and other external environments as well, this app will contribute to the realization of the unrestricted work styles made possible by smart devices.