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Document Management software provider based in Wrexham North Wales. Did you know the average office worker can waste up to 60 minutes looking for information? With Rawson Digitals document management software you can reduce time wastage while saving money on information and data storage costs.

We’ll provide you with the best tailor-made document management solution.

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Leading Document Management software provider. Rawson Digital are your local Wrexham-based business providing document management software to businesses small and large across North Wales and the North West.

What is Document Management?

Document management allows your business to organise information both paper and digital files in a central digital repository. Having your company information stored digitally allows you quick access to critical information. Document management software can help your business streamline workflows, enhance collaboration and allow your team to access information from anywhere, be that in the office or while working in a remote location.

This can give your business a competitive advantage when you need to react quickly to a situation.

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Why Document Management

Information is now capable of being held anywhere such as electronic files, paper documents, spreadsheets, scanned files, images, shared or private hard drives, public and private networks, filing cabinets and even emails. With this multitude of silos to store and hold information, your business could be storing huge amounts of paper and digital information in different locations. Having information stored in multiple locations can present huge challenges for your business. Such as corruption or loss of files, expensive paper storage costs and security risks not to mention the time wasted searching for files or data.

Having a document management system in place allows you to integrate all your information and documents for greater control, access and efficiency. Reducing risk, costs and security issues.

Benefits of using Document Management System
Enhanced Security

Your business will have better control over sensitive documents and data, along with audit trails and permission levels for individual access.

Automated Workflow

The software can analyse your imported documents and distribute them to the correct department or people within or even outside your business.

Reduced Storage Space

Document management software reduces the need for filling cabinets and rooms filled with paper documents, streamlining your office space.

Easier Retrieval

All documents are stored in a centralised resource making them accessible to all employees at all times even if key staff have left the business or are ill.

Better Backup and Disaster Recovery

With documents digitised upon upload into the system, they are protected from loss, fire, flooding and other disasters.

Improved regulatory compliance

Document management reduces the risk of non-compliance giving you full visibility and control over your documents.

How does a document management system work?

Having a document management system at your business makes sharing information and collaboration between colleagues easier. You can share documents from many different sources and even locations at the same time. Your employees also can access documents from anywhere, particularly useful if you have staff who are out of the office and need access to key documents quickly.

A document management system removes the need to store documents and information on paper allowing you to free up office space, and reduces the time employees spend searching for or filing away data for archiving. Having your documents available online provides you with the security that your data is safe due to the built-in encryption within document management software.

Document management software

Automate manual data entry and remove repetitive tasks like filing, with streamlined work flows optimised for your business.


Whether you’re in the office, at home or on the road access to documents and workflow can be granted instantly.


Works seamlessly with apps like Outlook, Teams, and CRM’s to store and access documents, eliminating the need to switch programs.


No more filing cabinets full of paper, no more printing files to keep secure. Documents are stored centrally for security.


With built-in encryption, access control and audit trails your documents and information are protected from loss, misuse or leaks.