Ricoh D5510 Interactive Whiteboard

When you need to develop, share and record ideas visually, the Interactive Whiteboard D5510 is the perfect solution because it meets all these needs and more. With the D5510 you can write or draw in 20 colours and share content live not only with those present but up to eight other D5510 whiteboards networked on an intranet. Additionally, as many as 20 other remote users can contribute to the creative process via joining with a web browser on their smart device.

Full product description

The D5510 is ready to operate with no set-up required. Sophisticated OCR recognition means hand written notes can be saved as searchable content. You can display content from VGA, Display Port or HDMI input source including tablets*, computers, then take snapshots and start working. Work displayed can be stored temporarily, permanently or deleted. Plug-in external speakers and you can use share sound from the HDMI HDCP port to use the whiteboard as a video display screen